English as a Second Language (ESL)


Sociolinguistics is the study of language variation in society. The field is concerned with dialects, accents, and how people's view of the world is shaped by their native languages, cultures, communities, and social groups. 

Linguistic Racism

The use of language resources to discriminate often involves belittling, shaming, or bullying non-native speakers. Accent biases, language discrimination, and linguistic imperialism are all forms of linguistic racism.

Linguistic Identity

Culturally and linguistically diverse learners have to juggle multiple identities which are inherently connected to the L1 and L2. These students are particularly vulnerable in facing the daunting challenge of learning academic English.

Sandy's teletandem experience
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Sandy studies EFL at a school in Mexico. Listen to her reflect on her experience learning online with a language partner from Virginia.

Miguel's teletandem experience
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Miguel also studies EFL in Mexico. In this clip, he briefly elaborates on the positive experience he had learning with a language partner from the US.